Zemana AntiLogger Free Download

Zemana AntiLogger Free Download - Zemana is a secretly-kept technology security supplier headquartered in Poultry. Placed in 2007 by university or college graduate students, this strong industry targets online security combatted in low-old-fashioned alternatives. Their Zemana AntiLogger products defend on a variety of critical degrees. We require a closer inspection.

Zemana AntiLogger Free Download Zemana AntiLogger Free Download
Zemana AntiLogger Free Download


By using anti- SSL hijacking technological advances, Zemana AntiLogger powers decrease vicious physical activity ahead of it may even influence your PC. Zemana appears to be out for anyone types of keylogger risk, from the web camera to clipboard. It disables hackers’ opportunity to activate your web camera or mic slightly, or even get information out of your non-public Voice over IP phone calls and video talks. Zemana AntiLogger halts keyloggers obtaining knowledge around the clipboard, and on-screen as a result of tv screen shoot. It is the cloud-centered engineering that can help look after your machine from keyloggers. This system, identified as IntelliGuard, is invariably on also it does not easily depend upon referred to descriptions but offers the ability to access information in the most modern keylogging malware in 50 plus malware directories. Moreover, Zemana can stop the hazard connected with stealth malware and intentionally fitted spyware or keylogger software.

Ease of use

Zemana AntiLogger is often light, a useful sheet of software which takes up little space upon your computer - and makes use of the handful of means. It happens to be mighty works with the primary antivirus plans, plus it works using the dominant os and web browsers. It is straightforward for the PC holder to utilize. It is easy to allow it to sprint silently from the foundation. Make changes in the "make it possible for and refuse" provides to speed up tests and tracking. The software supplies you with revisions every time whatever is intending to find your PC or application, whether or not the danger is produced by spyware, Trojan, malware or another hazard.

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Help and Support

The Zemana AntiLogger Free Download support middle incorporates a rather extensive listing of FAQs addressing installation, features, use, and getting matters. It is possible to send in a bug statement or contact Support by using an online develop, but there is, however, no smartphone support out there.

All around

We love this fast, useful and - first and foremost - useful software for coping with the hazard of keyloggers. Zemana has generated products that are full of features, which will work unobtrusively on the foundation. Its active way of protection will make it a valuable resource.

Zemana AntiLogger Free Download